Infinity Fire Protection maintains, modifies, repairs, installs, certifies and refits every type of fire system in all types of buildings up and down the eastern seaboard via our offices in Cardiff, Sydney & Brisbane

We maintain tunnels, tank farms, hospitals, hi-rise commercial, residential from walk-up to multi-building complexes.

We complete tenancy refits in hi-rise commercial throughout the city, install sprinklers and detection systems in shopping centres and paper mills, then replace doors & valves on bulk fuel storage plants.

We have in-house capability to program, install and modify every model of fire panel, be it proprietry or open protocol.

In short, Infinity Fire Protection is capable of looking after all of your essential service needs from install to annual certification!

Here's a short (but not exhaustive) list of the main systems we install, maintain, repair, refit & certify:

Smoke detection
Hose reels
Fire doors
Emergency lights
Emergency Management Plans
Evacuation Training
Fire rating (penetrations and control joints)
Fire extinguishers

Foam Suppression