About us

Infinity Fire Protection was established in 1996 and is 100% Australian owned.

We changed our name in 2009 from Sydney Fire Protection; a name with an enviable reputation, but one that no longer reflected the geographically diverse areas we offer service.

The business exists to create a paradigm shift away from our industry's ignorance of customer needs.

Infinity Fire Protection, our business plan, our staff, internal training and our procedures have all been modelled on customer service through one point of contact.

We perform inspection, testing, maintenance, repairs, tenancy refits, installation and certification of all essential fire services up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia.

We are one of only a few fire protection companies covering all essential fire services without sub-contracting. No sub-contracting = better customer service and better prices for you.

We develop long term relationships with our customers. It is the customer service we provide that has seen Infinity Fire Protection establish itself as a major player in the fire protection market.

We play a strong role in building, upholding and training of the industry and our own staff so they may understand and effectively use the codes to keep your building and occupants safe.

We are represented on a number of Australian Standards committees and active members of all the major fire industry & property industry associations.

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